In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 01/23/16

"The deadly hunt..."

Malar’s realm in the abyss, the Land of the Hunt, stretches out before the players. Green plains lie at their feet, off in the distance forested hills are laced with rivers and snow capped mountains spew waterfalls.

The land appears deceptively beautiful, but an aura of tension and dread seeps out from the green.

Storms of snow or hard rain appear and reappear quickly, and there is no sun in the sky. Shrill cries both on the ground and in the air echo in the distance. Where the players would expect to smell seemingly fertile land, instead the wind is heavy with the scent of blood and flesh.


The players traversed the plains until the edge of the dark forest, taking flight in their rug they managed to get halfway through the stretch of woods when their rug was attacked by lancing bolts of lightning. Setting the rug on fire they did a controlled landing onto the forest floor before being set upon by treant’s crackling with magic electric energy.


After an intense fight the players rested and recouped from their wounds setting once again off for the mountains, as they have been guided so far by the Mask of the Betrayer.

Once in the mountains they came across the stones of the oracles. A set of large standing stones nestled within a valley.


Not finding any entrance and no sign of the individual they seek, they setup their magical Gazebo within sight of the stones to rest, only to be visited by an elderly man dressed in stained and dusty traveling robes, known only as the “Caretaker”.


As he speaks, the wind picks up, and within the course of a minute a thick twisting pillar of billowing smoke appears within the center of the oracle stones. The pillar reaches into the sky for as high as can be seen.

The caretaker says " The mask will show the way in. From there, what you seek, will also be your greatest fear."


Using the mask, Bryony is able to see a way into the tower of ash and smoke and leads the rest of party through.



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