In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 01/30/16

"The dark tower..."

Our intrepid adventurers made their way into the tower of ash, seeking a key component of their overall quest.

The first level of the tower introduced them to a seemingly opulent throne room filled with treasure. While some of the players were enticed with the treasure, others saw through the illusion and prepared for the attack when several ghouls and two wraiths appeared to confront the players.


Once they fireball’d the undead to a crisp, they discovered that there was a way out of the throne room through the throne itself due to Amariel finding a hidden piece of parchment that tipped off the group as to how to proceed.

The next level brought them into a portion of the tower overrun with garbage, trash, and horded things. Slothful, corpulent ghouls sprung from the refuse as a famine spirit attempted to engulf the players into its stomach. Once they defeated the undead, the famine spirit disgorged some treasure that Bryony collected. The group discovered a doorway on top of a pile of rubbish and left the area.

The next level that embraced them was an ominous dungeon door placed at the end of a hall. Damakos went to work on the three locks of the door but discovered that if he failed picking all three successfully, the locks would reset and the hallway behind them would slowly become blocked with several ton blocks falling from the ceiling. The blocks slowly advanced if Damakos made a mistake, but thankfully he picked all three successfully.

Once through the door, the party went down a winding tunnel only to have it unfold into a seemingly endless catacombs. The catacombs soon came “alive” with skeletal warriors that confronted the party after they ingress’d further inward.


Once they defeated the skeletons, upon their recovering the treasure, Cedric discovered a perfectly blue rose within the rib cage of the more powerful skeleton warrior. Glowing with magic, they discovered the rose transported them to a magical garden with a seemingly idyllic cottage centered within.

They soon discovered that the cottage was the prison of Akachi, the creator of the mask. After speaking with the former priest of Mrykul, they found out a method to help Akachi escape. They gave blood to each of the 5 points of the pentacle that bound Akachi and his jailer to that plane. Once giving their offering the defenses dropped, and Akachi was enable to use his tattoos to transport them to an area outside the city of Baldur’s Gate.

It is there the players entered the city, recouped themselves, and learned more about the choices that face them.



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