In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 02/20/16

"Sail away, sail away, sail away..."

The group spent some downtime in Baldur’s Gate to recoup, outfit, and investigate various threads of inquiry.


Amariel, Bryony, and Cedric sought out appropriate gear by which to fashion the gems they acquired. Anton brought his trinket to a mage which conducted some experimentation upon the glob of necrotic flesh. Additionally, Amariel brought her collection of buttons to some knowledgeable gnomes and made some interesting discoveries regarding the properties of the buttons.

In a previous session the party secured passage with a halfling and his crew docked within the lower city of Baldur’s Gate. Captain Hammond Stormfoot agreed to especially charter passage to an island off the Sword Coast where it was told by Akachi dwelt the Crown of Horns. The powerful magic item that is feeding upon the energy of fear in an attempt to resurrect the fallen god of death, Mrykul.


After conducting their preparations, the group left early aboard The Seawolf, a 170ft long Brigantine ship crewed by a mix of human, half-elf, and halfling sailors.

On the first day out of their two day excursion, it brought them in contact with type of sea monster known as a brine serpent. Both Amariel and Cedric worked to fend off the creatures and avoid any conflict. The sea serpents were successfully chased off with minimal injuries inflicted upon the crew.

Night passed uneventfully, but the next day Anton and some of the crew had the unfortunate experience of being telepathically charmed by a sea-going aberration. Although Cedric and Amariel made heroic efforts, Anton fell overboard and was grappled by the monster. Upon crashing into the water and being subsequently held fast, he was able to overcome the charm and work with his adventuring friends to chase the monster off.

Finally, after sailing most of the day they arrived at their destination only to discover that no island appeared to exist. Amariel and Bryony worked to detect and dispel the powerful illusion that masked the presence of the island and then considered their options for an approach.

Captain Hammond offered the use of his gnomish submersible which he uses to search for salvage and treasure.


Delving into the ocean, the party was piloted through under island tunnels approaching closest to the geocentric portion of the island they could navigate. The pilot dropped them off, and so they begin their exploration.



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