In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 02/27/16

"Fantasy Island....not"

The party was dropped off in an underground cavern so they could make their way to the surface and investigate their surroundings. Cedric and Amariel sent forth their Bear and Owl to recon the tunnels, they made a selection and began the ascent.


Once they reached the sinkhole at the end of the tunnel, Amariel sent Athena to scout above and she reported back that a patrol of Ogres was nearby.


Mad Mickey got upon the flying rug with Cedric and floated onto the surface of the island to investigate the patrol. The squad of Ogres were being lead by a human donning a cloak with the symbol of Mrykul embroidered upon it.

One of the Ogres spied Athena and was going to attempt to put a crossbow bolt through it but the Owl quickly hid. The patrol bypassed the sinkhole and wandered off through the jungle.

Mad Mickey also noticed, and informed the party, that there were dragon riders in the sky keeping watch as well.

The party stealthily made their way through the jungle until they reached the base of the volcano. Unfortunately, some of their group was spied by a dragon rider. As the guard dipped down for a closer look, ready to alert is comrades, Akachi let loose one of his tattoos killing the guard and the dragon in one fell swoop and avoiding detection for now.

Cedric pulled Akachi to his feet and they made their way up the side of the volcano eventually finding a tunnel carved from lava of a previous eruption leading them into the heart of the mountain.

The heat from the lava thousands of feet below permeates the air. The area before the adventurers unfolds to show hanging suspended by three stone pathways a henge of standing stones that encircles and protects the crown.

To be continued.



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