In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 03/12/16

"The end of an era..."

The party surveyed the scene that unfolded before them. The precarious henge of stones guarding the crown hung suspended over an active volcano.

A construct guarded the crown as two followers of Mrykul sacrificed themselves to call upon a dread servant of the fallen deity. A Dracolich.


Rising to the occasion, Cedric was recognized as staying true to his course, and Bahamut lifted his curse of human form. As a reward, Cedric polymorphed into his Gold Dragon form and battled the Dracolich and the Rune Golem holding the crown.

The party battled the construct, the Dracolich, and the henge barrier expanding great effort to destroy the crown, and prevent the resurrection of Mrykul.


Once the powerful enemies were vanquished, Akachi was brought forth to destroy the crown. The spell etched into his skin came alive and worked its destructive force.

Temporarily the soul of Anneth occupied Amariel, in this manner Anneth was able to deliver a message to her love. She went on to the afterlife followed by Akachi.

The party discovered that as Akachi disintegrated, he left behind two clay tablets. These were recognized as the Tablets of Fate, the portfolio of the gods of Faerun.

Amariel sized the tablets, but on the way to the Temple of Helm in Waterdeep, the power of the tablets compelled her to attempt to wield them, as Ao would, to oversee the gods.

As the party arrived in Waterdeep Amariel attempted to abscond with the tablets, but was dutifully chased by her party members into the streets of Waterdeep eventually being taken down by Bryony, Anton, and Cedric.

Rendered unconscious, they took Amariel to the Temple of Helm. Cedric participated in a ritual calling forth the only god left, Helm.


Helm took the tablets, and restored them to Ao. The world-ending future once envisioned was averted. Mrykul’s attempt at resurrection, failed. The spirit plague, ended.

Each member of the adventuring group was granted a wish. Amariel had her soul restored and grew in natural power. Cedric gained a Holy Avenger and Anton was bestowed the Helm of Glory. Bryony discovered her draconic heritage, and her arcane abilities had much increased.

The group left the temple to the awe of the clergy of Helm and to the gratitude of the citizenry of the Realms.

The end….for now.



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