In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 08/19/2015

"Don't stop, believin..."

The party finished off the night at Daggerford and then trucked off bright and early in the morning heading East for Loudwater.


As they tread through the land, they eventually came to the small village of Secomber. After securing an Inn they visited the local tavern to unwind, unbeknownst they would be unwinding more than they cared for.

While supping in the common room, the players were interested in seeing a troupe of four elven dancers take a small stage in the tavern and put on a show. The patrons and most of the party were lulled into a trance, feeling utterly compelled to part with their coin.

Antone, Cedric, and Amariel did not fall for the enchantment and sought to put an end to illusion. They discovered after the troupe had been chased off the stage, that the Elves had celestial bloodlines that inadvertently enchanted those that watched them. The Elves left the village hurriedly, bemoaning their curse.

After sorting out the issue and returning the money to the patrons, the group settled down to get in a good nights rest before starting for Loudwater.

After leaving Secomber, they had a strange encounter on the road when they stopped for the night. Sobbing noises, and strange eyes bothered them throughout the evening. Eventually the dawn broke and then by mid-day, they made it to their destination, the village of Loudwater and to their employer, to see about a dragon.


To be continued.



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