In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 09/26/2015

"The hills are live, with the smell of dragon's fire..."

The players entered the town of Loudwater and made contact with their contract employer, Lord Rathmor.


Nathan, the Lord’s representative in the town discussed the details of the contract. The players would get 8,000 gp up front, and 10,000 gp when the job is complete.

The objective is to either kill, or chase off, the ancient Red dragon that has taken up residence on his lands, Acenagari.


Lord Rathmor agrees on a split of whatever the dragon may be hording 50/50.

The Lord also requires something of the dragon to prove it’s death, and he sends his guide and woodsman Seth to accompany the group and witness events.

As they go to traverse his lands to the hill under which Acenagari has taken refuge, the party and their guide encounters an Orc patrol with a diplomat, Tark, who makes an offer to meet with the group a party of orc soldiers to take on Acenagari.

The orcs have been plagued with the dragon’s presence, which has required tribute and sacrifices of their tribe they cannot afford.

Agreeing to the arrangement, the party moves to within several hundred yards of the entrance to the hill caves in which lies the dragon. As they are eating their supper, Cedric notices the campfire intensify and become a column of flame by which several fire elementals launch themselves out and attack the group.

The batter rages for several rounds, but the opponents are eventually doused, allowing the group to get much needed rest to prepare for the decent into the caves.

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