In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 11/21/15

"This land was green and good, until the crystal cracked..."

After descending into the caves, fighting off guardians and navigating cave-ins, you finally made your way to the lair of Acenagari.


Amariel strikes forward into the cavern, only to notice in the reflection of the slow moving underground stream there are red dragon eggs clustered in the rocky ceiling above them.


The plan changes as the group decides to send an ambassador to Acenagari to speak with how she may be removed from the cavern.

Acenagari is intrigued by the approach. Amariel notices that a sword is impaled in her where her throat meets her chest. During a dangerous inquiry, Acenagari reveals that sword was stuck there by the warrior-king Jonas Steelbeard. His kingdom lies to the north between the The Glimmerwood and the Ice mountains.


Acenagari wants his head and she may consider leaving. However, in further discussion, it is revealed that Acenagari would be willing to relocate her brood if she obtained credible and reliable information on the whereabouts of 3 offspring of Xylarien. Xylarien is a gold dragon who killed her previous younglings millennium ago, and Acenagari seeks her revenge upon her surviving children who have mysteriously disappeared.

To seal the pact, Acenagri holds Amareil’s life force hostage.

The party leaves the caves and reports to Seth their guide who relays the information to Lord Rathburn. Acquiring some local supplies and trinkets, they pack up their flying carpets and plot a journey to a library in Shadowdale, skirting the The Great Desert.

En route to their stronghold outside of Elterial, they are attacked by strange creations of unnatural origin. They fight off the flying werewolves, and land safely at their home base.

They learn that while the stronghold is doing well, things are in turmoil within their patron house Cardanion, and the houses of Elterial are battling for political supremacy in the city. Triggered by the assassination of the Lady Ardessa.

To be continued!



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