In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 12/19/15

"Short, but sweet...."

You successfully traverse the snowy landscape bordering the Anauroch Desert in your flight to Shadowdale.

When you arrive on the outskirts of Shadowdale, you are aware that while the Zhentarim are an occupying force, the events of Shadowdale continue to swirl around you.


As per the invitation that Bryony received, your group preps to make an appearance at the home of a wizard in the employ of the Zhentarim. One Elror Mithranthin.


The party is to honor Elror’s raising into an exclusive wizardry order known as the Wretched Circle.

Elror states that a representative of the circle is visiting him that evening to escort him to where the raising ceremony will take place.

When that hour arrives the party is stunned to see Perric, the farmboy Amariel killed back in the Shadowfell after he had been bitten by the vampire Morvath, is the supposed representative sent by the Circle.


To be continued…



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