Chroma Carrington

Carries a tune...and a sword


When Chroma was 16 she attended the Bardic College: “Watchers for the Coming Sunset”. To be admitted into the college she had to pass oral exams in history and arcana. Then for 2 years she studied the myths of various cultures, the role of deities, the potential danger of powerful magic and the history and demise of past civilizations, in order to recognize the signs of the coming of the end of the world.

The Watchers prepare students to go out into the world to try and actively prevent civilization destroying events. The motto for the Watchers is “It Shall Not Unravel.” Graduates and current members have access to the ultimate collection of apocalyptic lore anywhere they travel and can expect assistance from other Watchers. (Secret handshakes and signs are involved.)

Acquisition of new, ‘world ending lore’ allows Watchers to earn promotions and remuneration. If the situation is urgent, powerful clerics, magic users and political leaders can be called in to help prevent apocalyptic events.


Chroma’s mother, Catherine was a clothier and her father, George Carry-Tune (later Carrington) had settled down to be Bard for the wealthy families in Bryn Shander one of the Ten Towns in the North. Chroma, an only child, was named after the multi-colored skirts her mother had designed to make the dreary winters more cheerful. She grew up in a nice house, which had the living quarters on the top floor and the clothing business on the bottom. It was on the edge of Market Square, a very prestigious area. Chroma enjoyed wearing the clothing her mother made but was never interested in sewing. What she really enjoyed was singing with her father who taught her everything he knew.

She was also in training with the local Thieve’s Guild for several years and learned a number of interesting skills. The city had a temple to Pelor and Chroma was sent to the tutors there to learn how to read, write and do her numbers. As she learned more about Pelor, she decided to abandon her involvement in the Theive’s Guild. She worked hard because she knew one day she wanted to be a messenger Bard and travel as her father had once done. She learned quickly, finished college at 18 and was sent to a distant Pelorian temple in the south to give them a message and to further her training at the all woman temple that had a specialization in combat techniques. There she met Pella, a Paladin of Pelor and Kalista a Cleric of the same faith. (Kalista got married and became an exorcist. She chose to stay in a town that was plagued with demons.) However, Pella and Chroma decided to travel together to the North with a group that was headed that way.

Chroma Carrington

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