Tholan Foehammer

Half-Ogre Fighter


AC 23
HP 15
Fort 7
Ref 2
Will 3

Weapons: Large Heavy Flail, Heavy Flail, Flail, Short Sword, Large Composite Longbow
Armor: Large Sized Mithril Full Plate (a gift from Clan Foehammer)


Tholan was born a product of rage and greed. His birth mother was captured by a marauding band of ogres in the Thunderpeak Mountains. She was kept as a slave and raped in hopes of birthing another slave. Tholan was carried to term and came into this world at the cost of his mother’s life. Without a mother to nurse and feed the now infant Tholan, he was left to die.
Two weeks before the Dwarven Foehammer Clan had experienced a similar loss. Gimla, the clan’s foremost runesmith was grief stricken over the loss of her son, a stillborn.
The evening of Tholan’s birth, the clan attacked and overwhelmed the ogre encampment to the last Ogre. While reclaiming stolen goods from the Ogre camp, the infant Tholan was discovered by Gimla. Still distraught from the loss of her son, she saw the young half ogre as an innocent and claimed him as her own. Clan Elders allowed a giant kin into the clan as a way to heal her broken heart.
Tholan was named by his new mother and raised as her own. Over time, the giant youth was accepted by the clan. He was taught how to craft metal and helped the clan train for combat with giant kin.
While Tholan is accepted by his home clan and has made a name for himself with the local residents, he desperately wants to be accepted by the outside world. At the young age of 18, Tholan sets out to prove his worth and bring honor to his clan.

Tholan Foehammer

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