In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 07/26/14
"A dark fate..."

The party entered Luskan via the River Mirar without much difficulty. Upon entering the city they kept a low and discreet profile not attracting much, if at all, attention.

A dark snowy street in Luskan:

They spent most of the day shopping, haggling, and exploring the unique goods Luskan, as a vibrant and lucrative port city, had to offer.

While making a connection at the Bloodrun Tavern on the northwestern pier, the adventurers encountered another small company of heroes seeking reputation and fortune per Edvar’s request.

Annel a 6’2", reddish-blonde human woman, with hair done in a thick braid down her back, a freckled face laced with small scars on her cheeks and arms.
Among other tattoos, A tattoo of an 8-pointed star composed of spears and maces is etched upon the side of her neck, just below her ear.

Vash a 3’2" halfling male with dark curly brown hair, closely cropped. Wiry in physique, and flitting cautious eyes.

Brak, a 6’5" male half-orc with long black hair done in dreads. His skin has greenish hue, face is set and determined with snaggle-teeth jutting past his lip on each side.
An amulet of a circular figure emblazoned with a sun and moon is about his neck.

The groups made their way out of Luskan and to a old converted fort named Windlyne. There, Edvar and his associate, Kirstia, introduced themselves and outlined the nature of his seeking of heroic adventurers to aid him.

The parties go into their rooms for the night, and are awakened to then experience a ghastly, and apocalyptic vision of a doomed Toril where nearly the entire continent has fallen victim to the Spirit Plague.

white_walkers.jpg Armed with new understanding, they share their story with Professor Edvar. He mentions that their seeking of such artifacts could play a key role in preventing the horrific fate the group saw.

Nervous and fatigued, they set out on the harsh road to Icewind Dale and beyond. After their first day of travel they stop at a well established caravan camp.

The wagon of Mialee Mather, seer and fortune teller extraordinaire!

The rugged caravan of Jonus Stonewood:

While stopped, the group sees an abandoned tower keep close by, and hear’s an amusing tale of other adventurers some two days hence, that went there seeking treasure.

The foreboding keep:

The group ponders investigating the keep to discover its riches….to be continued!

Adventure Summary - 07/12/14
"Showdown in the underground..."

The party began their descent via the entrance uncovered by Pella, to make their way down into the buried temple ruins beneath the sewers of Mirabar.

While carefully making their way underground, Chroma encountered a vertical shaft with a ladder that delved deeper into the darkness leading to the ruins they needed to investigate.

Chroma, Tholan, Flood, and the rest had a comical descent down the ladder. Encountering traps, climbing mishaps, and other pitfalls. About 45 min later, they made it down the 80 ft shaft to face the temple ruins entrance via a trapped antechamber which Chroma successfully disarmed.

A section of the main room of the ruins:

Entering into the main room of the ruins, they they were patrolling along cautiously when a voice startled them. It advised to take a chest of riches or forfeit their lives if they continue.

They discussed their options, but took too long and the chest eventually disappeared, and the fighting ensued.

Smoke bombs were tossed obscuring their vision while thieves and mages assaulted up close and from afar. Tholan, Alex, and Chroma waded into battle while Pella strategically watched the outside of the smoke perimeter, and Flood tagged critical targets with her longbow.

To cover her retreat the spell-slinger threw up a wall of flame and descended into an adjacent chamber that led to the temple catacombs, where the party found Ealdwulf and his hostages, Mili and Hafa, both high ranking officials for The Golden Hand trading corporation of Mirabar.

As the groups traded threats, up from the entrance to the abandoned catacombs, came a small party of Dark Elves, who tricked Ealdwulf and his mage companion taking the The Golden Hand hostages for themselves, and leaving their fate to the party.

The group successfully completed their bounty and recovered several magical items and plenty of treasure.

Once done collecting their bounty they spent some time recovering in the city and then took transport down the river Mirar to the treacherous sea port town of Luskan in their effort to meet with Edvar.

They approach the north gate, Luskan looking on the overcast and chilly horizon.

A view of the port of Luskan. The infamous Host Tower of the Arcane can be seen to the right:

To be continued.

Adventure Summary - 06/07/14
"Who's in charge of looking up?"

After hearing the warning from the Mirabar patroman, the party gathered themselves together and delved into the tunnels in search of their bounty, Ealdwulf.

The Sewers of Mirabar:

They didn’t progress far before encountering a pack of wererats seeking their next meal. Tholan Foehammer devised a creative method of dispatching their foes by charging forward, grasping a mutated rat by the tail, and using it as an improvised weapon.


Once dealt with, the group pressed further into the sewers eventually coming upon a “Dark Bazaar”, one of the black market areas beneath Mirabar where all manner of unsavory and illicit items may be purchased.

While there, the party learned that their target, Ealdwulf, has sequestered himself and his associates in the ruins of a buried temple. The temple is considered hallowed ground for negotiation by the existing guilds of Mirabar, but The Whispermen have co-opted the place for some nefarious reason.

Although offered a hefty price to kill Ealdwulf, the party chose to honor the City of Mirabar’s bounty.

While shopping the crew came upon some unique items:

  • Unrask Steelbeard purchased a spell component pouch of fine craftsmanship which later revealed to have a hidden scroll inside containing a message and map to return the pouch to a Winky Skelefain. Gnome Mage Extraordinaire.
  • Chroma Carrington hit a small gold mine with purchasing a set of creepy, but unique, marionettes of a knight, common woman, sad jester, and little boy. She also purchased a vial of Feather Powder.

Once their shopping was complete, they left the market and went in search of the buried ruins. Pella discovered the secret entrance at a crossroads in the tunnels and the party prepared to continue down it’s dark steps…

Ruins Entrance:

To be continued….

Adventure Summary - 05/10/14
The Road Continues...

Our players ventured off into the snow and trees to locate the war-band of Thunder-Teeth Orcs that had been presumably threatening the trading routes located around Mirabar.

After accepting the bounty to investigate Karthog Manyscar, the leader, they trampled through the foothills of the Crags and were setup upon by a patrol of Thunder-Teeth Orcs:


They are brought under guard after being stripped of weapons before the war-chief Karthog. Flanked by his bodyguards, Karthog sits with a primal looking Half-Orc, festooned with animal fetishes and thick dreads. Also accompanying the chief is another Half-Orc. This one appears wizened, with steel-gray hair pulled back into a long pony-tail, a set of thick-rimmed glasses peers over their edges and studies the party.

Karthog Manyscar:

Since Karthog speaks not a word of Common, Valgash translates for the war chief. He explains that Thunder-teeth tribe and their neighbors in Longsaddle, Miribar and surrounding communities have been in a steady peace. Trade, work, and other activities have gone on without incident until approximately 2 months ago strange things began to occur. Many of the tribe began to get sick, and several died before Valgash derived from his own testing that their water supply was being poisoned. Lying in ambush, the Thunder-teeth awaited the perpetrators by one of their water sources and caught several humans and a dwarf who later turned out to be mercenaries hired out by one of Mirabar’s powerful trade companies, The Golden Hand (Thalorin’s Manymetals, and The Anvilfist Banner being the others).

The trade companies, as to be expected, handle the trade of precious metals and gems extracted from the extensive mines that lie near the town Miribar upon the river Mirar. The companies ship to buyers and traders in Luskan, where it is then shipped extensively up and down the Sword Coast.

The Thunder-teeth, not wishing to sour relations with Miribar, followed the advice of Valgash and released the mercs with a warning not to trifle upon tribal lands again. Nonetheless, the mercs posed as trading agents with the company they were hired by and fabricated a story to the Mirabar City Guard (which operates much like a small army under the direction of the Counsel of Sparkling Stones, the elected ruling assembly of Mirabar comprised of dwarves and humans) that they were abducted, interrogated, beaten, and to be killed if not for their “miraculous escape” and subsequently warning the assembly that the tribe was preparing to conduct raids to steal Mirabar’s mined trade goods.

Needless to say, relations deteriorated fast. Swayed by testimony, the city of Mirabar mustered troops to actively watch the mountain pass and the perimeter of the city. However, when questioning Orc traders and travelers upon the road clashes have erupted.

The basis for this is that the tribal lands of the Thunder-teeth have been discovered to contain some of the regions richest deposits of copper and iron. Quite simply, the mining corporations of Mirabar and their trade companies are attempting to drive the Orcs out so they may mine it.

Valgash is hopeful to avoid all out conflict. He sought the groups aide in bringing him into Mirabar to speak with a representative of the city’s Council Valgash knows.

Having successfully brought Valgash back to Lt Carnell under “arrest” and squared away with Celegal to take an alternate route, the group was granted access to move through the pass and settle with the magistrate/bounty clerk of Mirabar, a Half-Elf woman named Rilda Hoper.

Upon reception of Valgash so he may seek an audience with the Sparkling Stones Council, Rilda offered the party another option to earn some coin.

She bestows the bounty for the party to bring in Ealdwulf Maere, of The Whispermen, a notorious thieves guild seeking to branch into Mirabar and make connections with the trading companies that operate out of the town. Their presence currently is small. A recruitment team of Eadlwulf and his associates were sent ahead to pull in members from the rougher districts, extort protection coin from the poorer residents, bully and bribe town guards and essentially increase their presence and influence through all manner of illegal activities.

Ealdwulf Maere:

Rilda informs the party that in the Obsidian District of Mirabar, located by Granite Bridge (the west bridge) over the river Mirar, houses a tavern frequented by The Whispermen to catch rumors, make deals, and conduct their “business”.

The group make their way to The Beggar & Flail, a working class tavern on the riverfront. After dealing with singing halfings, drunken adventurers known as The Circle of the White Hound, they finally spy their quarry, and Chroma trails the Whispermen to see them entering the sewers of Mirabar.

Outside The Beggar & Flail:

She watches as the Whispermen go below street level upon a set of grimy stone steps, whereupon they open an equally grimy and rusting sewer door made of steel grating. As Chroma ponders her next move a Mirabar patrolman hails her. "Well met, I see you’re considering going beneath the city? (nodding at the sewer entrance) Be warned, the sewers are nicknamed “the Shadow Halls” for good reason. Many a unsavory character conducts their business within it’s maze. Helm watch over us, they let our work crews maintain and clean the place but even then, they only stay to the tunnels closest to the surface. Be cautious". With this word of warning he continues on with his rounds…

To be continued!

Adventure Summary - 04/19/14
The Road to Icewind Dale

Current Date: 11th of Nightal

The party spent some time in Longsaddle to recuperate, tend to their gear and scout up new opportunities.

The group learned of a historian seeking worthy adventurers to help him and his assistant with finding relics, items, and information on the deities of Toril. The group intends to meet up with Edvar up north as soon as they are able.

Professor Edvar:

In the meantime, a Half-Elf trader, Celegal Arnaud of Waterdeep, is making a delivery to Mirabar and is wanting to hire help and protection for the journey north.

Celegal Arnaud:

After signing their contract, receiving some gold up front, and conducting some bartering, the caravan set off to Mirabar.

They were 20-25 miles from Longsaddle when they came upon the remains of an ambushed caravan.


While inspecting the caravan, Chroma Carrington and Alex KilGoure moved forward to derive the perpetrators of the attack, when she spotted the outline of a cloaked figure hiding in some nearby tree branches. Being spotted, the figure dropped to the ground and introduced himself as Arafel; hunter, wilder, and woodsman of this region. He was sent to deliver a message to this caravan via his employer and master, Malchor Harpell.


Arafel struck a deal with the party to locate and find the precious cargo it carried from Harpell’s Twilight Tower to the Library at Baldur’s Gate. The caravan had just begun its journey when it fell to ambush.

Receiving a scroll from Arafel, the party agreed to locate and find the cargo, a young girl by the name of Corinthia, and use the scroll to mark her location for retrieval.

The adventurers continued on to Grunwald, a settlement upon the edge of the Lurkwood making the small logging town by nightfall.

The Sleepy hamlet of Grunwald:

In the common room of The Hunter and Axe they discovered that a local cutpurse, by the name of Feeble, had derived that the cargo and it’s kidnappers were meeting by an abandoned sawmill on the edge of the forest.

Chroma Carrington trailed the rogue to discover the meeting place. The False Ones had employed several brutish dumb creatures named Gronks to serve as bodyguards. Tholan Foehammer pulled off an excellent ruse by which he convinced the Gronks to turn upon their employers and kill them, save the young girl. They agreed.

After the slaughter the party discovered that Corinthia was not as she seemed, seemingly possessed of a evil and malevolent entity. They had used the scroll earlier to summon Arafel who warily brought the cargo with him to continue on to its intended destination.

After fulfilling this duty, the group continued on with Celegal traveling for many, many miles until they happened upon an outpost blocking the entrance to the main pass through the Crags.

2nd LT Carnell of Mirabar informed the heroes that the pass was closed due to unexplained Orcish aggression from the Thunderteeth.

LT Carnell:

After discussing about a bounty upon the warchief Karthog Manyscar, the players accepted the bounty so that they may see if they can help with the clearing up of the matter.

After making arrangements with Celegal they pressed into the snowy forest….


To be continued…

Adventure Summary - 04/12/14
Rest In Peace...

The party faced down an end battle in the ruins of the mines. Two agents of undeath with a thrall of cloaked worshipers sought to perform a blasphemous ritual upon the remains of the Widmane Queen, Vesorianna.

Charging forth, our brave adventurers entered the fray to break the ritual and end the unlife of the once servant of the King (as discovered later on).

A harsh battle ensued, but once the threat was mitigated, a dying cultist spat to the heroes in a choked whisper:

“Soon, the realms will know the fear of death. We shall spread like the most vile of plagues, consuming, corrupting. In the end, your fate will be nothing more than to stand at the City of Judgment…and be damned”

Upon each cultist was the mark of Mrykul, the rumors that now speak this god of the dead has himself been slain.

After returning and blessing the remains of Versorianna the weeping apparition is now at peace.

The group relays this information back to Longsaddle, and it causes great concern among the populace. They speculate that if the cult of Myrkul is attempting to re-assert itself within Faerun in the absence of their deity, who knows what lengths the cult will go to fulfill their goal of spreading fear.

Widman and Thunbald advise the party that some 3 days hence, a journeying historian and his assistant, a gentleman who introduced himself as “Edvar” spoke of his epic project to compile information about the goings on of the gods and goddesses in this time of troubles.

They mention he was making his way to the far north, through the road that squeezes between the The Crags and The Lurkwood, into Mirabar. From there, heading west to the coast, and then further north reaching at last to Easthaven a small fishing village on the shores of Lac Dinneshere near the Ten Towns.

He is putting the word out for worthy adventurers to meet with him and his assistant. They will be well compensated, and provided for given they execute their duties well.

However, a merchant caravan also needs some assistance and they pay fairly well. ;)

To be continued…
Adventure Summary - 03/23/2014
"And they call it a mine, a mine!"

After defeating the skeletons from the previous encounter and collecting what scant remains had not been stripped bare by bandits and treasure seekers, the party came before the lift which appeared to allow descent further into the sub levels of the fortress.

The lift gate proved to be an issue due to not finding a retro-fitted trap installed into the shaft. The party was repeatedly skewered as they were lowered down about a story and then stopped.

After defeating the trap, and slamming down upon the bottom of the shaft they went out in to the abandoned mining tunnels.


Plunging ahead they followed the main shaft until they attracted the attention of a nest of rust monsters, intent upon parting the players with their weapons.


After killing the monsters, they pressed forward eventually finding area by which they see an blasphemous ritual being preformed with the remains of the queen Versorianna.

Before they are able to act, sentries discover their hiding place and they move in quickly for the battle…

Obviously to be continued. :)

Adventure Summary - 03/08/14
The Fortress of The Damned

The party crossed the snowy courtyard of the fortress ruins to a far side gatehouse. Once there they pondered over the creepy and bizarre door that blocked their entry.

The ruins of the gatehouse tower:

Chroma searched for traps but did not detect any. Tholan threw the remains of the dead Orc into the door, but it responded little. It was only when Chroma went to open the lock that it responded by disgorging JuJuZombies to attack the party.

A dwarf barbarian, known as Unrask Steelbeard, watched from the safety of some shrubs as the group of adventurers first discussed their situation, and then were attacked. He later joined the fray, throwing the famous rock of friendship unerringly into the helm of Tholan, distracting the Half-Ogre momentarily before he charged into the swarming horde.

Unrask Steelbeard:

Chroma was rendered unconscious, but stable, and the party valiantly fended off the zombies as Alex beseeched his goddess, Tymora, to inspire his spiritual energies to grant him the ability to bless the door and end the carnage.

Once the door was blessed, the party investigated the area beyond. They entered into a short gloomy chamber by which a stone winding stair took them to a sub-level, and up to the ruins of a tower.

The chamber beyond the door:

After Chroma found some vials of potions off the remains of some tower guards, they retreated back into the courtyard with their secure shelter for the night to recoup, rest, and find out about their new found trustworthy friend.

In the morning they ventured into the sub level of the fortress. They came across an old grisly scene where humans and Orcs had clashed within the lower levels, bodies strewn everywhere. Alex worked on consecrating the area where the slain corpses resided, when this occurred:

“As if from nowhere, appearing right before your eyes, the rotted frozen face of a human corpse stands before you. Its weathered mouth peels back into a haunting smile, and it speaks in a grating raspy tone: ‘We stand in darkness, our screams echo in the emptiness of eternity. Lost, wailing, broken. The False Ones seek him…’ A cackle issues forth and your eyes blink in disgust, weapons at the ready. Then, as if nothing happened, the hallway is still and the dead peer up at you from the cold floor…”

While searching the lower level after this unsettling encounter, the party pressed forward and encountered a wondering group of skeletons joined by two screaming skulls. The party dispatched the skeletons and screaming skulls, and after some more searching, and recovery of some treasure and loot, they then found the entrance to a lower section of the fortress…

To be continued!

Adventure Summary - 02/22/14
The Barrow's End...

The adventurers finished their investigation of the Queen’s tomb and took the hidden passage to the King’s tomb chamber.

They discovered the tomb was in far better condition than the Queen’s with some minor damage. A long forgotten tomb raiders backpack provided a map and some vials of cure. The king’s tomb was investigated and found to be intact.

Leaving by the proper entrance, they discovered another trapped door, and after defeating it, made their way back up to the top of the barrow, where they recovered their horses, returned to Longsaddle, and updated Emald and Alrig at the tavern on what happened.

They were then requested to investigate the old fortress ruins of the Widmane Kingdom. They spoke with a village elder, Frytha, who told them additional information about the fortress and confirmed their map was accurate.

Gathering supplies and getting a good nights sleep, they went off in the morning traveling through a fairly heavy snowfall into the foothills of The Crags. Finally, after several miles of traveling, they saw the faint outline of the ruins on the horizon.

The Ruins of Widmane Fortress:

However, they were not alone. A band of hired thugs awaited them, and after a failed round of diplomacy they engaged one another.

The thugs were quickly repelled and less than half broke and ran. Once dealt, with the party wandered into the ruined courtyard and the one entrance they could see to gain access to the keep was barred by a most unnatural gate.

A Most Unnatural Door:

To be continued!!!

Adventure Summary - 02/01/14
Within The Barrow

Last week’s adventure had our intrepid group securing passage to the sub-level of the barrow.

Heading down a dark flight of stone steps, they emerged into a room of decorative ancient tombs housing the remains of past nobles. It was clearly evident that the tombs had been damaged and the contents dragged down two distinct passageways.

Upon each keystone bore a distinct etching in the stone. The right-hand keystone contained a crossed sword and scythe. The left, a howling wolf.

Before being able to progress any further the adventurers were attacked by a group of giant snow spiders that had taken residence in the lower level. Alex bore the brunt of the attack until his friends could deal with the matter.


After dispatching the spiders, they chose the left-hand route. Checking slowly down the passageway they soon encountered a spiked pit with small bypasses on the edges. Chroma checked diligently, but failed to discover that the actual trap was the safe route, and the pit was an illusion in the middle of their way. Once discovered they continued on.

Eventually they uncovered yet another fiendish trap by which the real entrance was disguised as a wall of spikes, and the apparent entrance a spring loaded solid door meant to compress unwary thieves into the spikes.

Tholan and the rest of the party watched unhappily as Chroma was sent flying down the short ante-chamber to be compressed against Alex. Tholan hacked at the large spring with his flail and broke the mechanism freeing his friends.

Once through the disguised entrance they came upon a ornate tomb, smashed open, the contents missing, and a few smelly ghouls slathering about.

The rest of the party attacked as Alex summoned the might of his god to rebuke the ghoul creatures. His deity was with him that day as they cowered before his divine power.

After dealing with the fleeing ghouls, the group was met with a sorrowful apparition named Vesorianna. Vesorianna was in a woeful state as her remains have been stolen and she seeks to be reunited with her husband, Alymere Widmane.

Before disappearing, she informed the party the tentative link to her remains lie northward, and clues to assist them could be found in the “twin of this tomb”.

The group noticed a cave-in in the tomb of Vesorianna, exposing a wet and cramped secret passage. They will seek the clues they need when next we meet! :)


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