In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 01/25/14
The Dark Barrow

The group made there way to the settlement of Longsaddle, chasing ahead an impending snowstorm.

Arriving at The Gambling Goblin the party sought warmth and shelter as the snowfall quickened.

Taking in a warm drink, they caught snatches of conversation from worried and concerned locals. They ended up speaking to Emald Widman, the tavernkeeper, and Alrig Thunbald the local marshall. They discovered a barrow near the hamlet, abandoned for several centuries, has begun erupting with strange noises and lights.

Emald Widman:

Alrig Thunbald:

After telling the marshal they would investigate the barrow the group spent the night at The Horn and Hoof and set off to a light snowfall early next morning.

Traveling northward about a 1/4 mile from the village the party encountered a group of roving Frost Wargs. The scrawny over-sized wolves managed to take a chunk out of Tim The Crimson Tunic, but otherwise were put down quickly.

After dispatching the wargs, they arrived at the barrow entrance.


Upon entering they discovered that a den of snow leopards had taken up nest by the entrance to the second level.

Tholan went back and lured the cats out of their den temporarily with some fresh warg meat. The adventurers were then presented with an entryway of two statues and a riddle.

Tim investigated the statues and discovered a ring bearing an imprint of a shield and lantern.

Chroma mended the ring and Tim placed it upon his finger. Sliding it into the stone, the entryway creaked open, revealing a dank, dark, and foul smelling passageway.

To be continued!


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