In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 12/13/14
"Out of the frying pan..."

When we last left our intrepid group of adventurers, they had finished speaking with the Betrayers, and faced the skull gate leading out to a bubble dimension around the City of Judgement. They had to move through to be able to leave.

The SkullGate

The party stepped through (including Edvar), and found themselves in a unique dimension, hot, and arid with light everywhere but no sun.

The Desert of The Real

Within this pocket dimension they were to face the nether-lord and his minions. Upon seeing a standard placed into the ground upon a battlefield of dried blood, part of the group moved forward and investigated the area while others held back.

The lord and his minions then manifested themselves and challenged the party.

The Netherlord and his Minions

The group faced a terrific fight, Chroma Carrington knocked to near death in the first round, but eventually the heroes wore down their opponent and ultimately defeated the creature.

Upon the success, the took the standard, discovered a ring in the sand, and requested to be transported to the “Well of Dragons”.

They were zipped through the onyx eye of the lord to their desired destination and deposited in a field, wet with snow and a chill wind. They were left near the house of their contact Aralen, and were introduced to two other Harpers who intend to help Chroma recover her heart and prevent the ritual being planned.


Adventure Summary - 11/22/14
"At The Mountains of Madness..."

The group began their trek into the formally hidden enclave of Mrykul worshipers, who had long since deserted the mountain hall.

Arriving at the entrance Edvar, and what was left of the other adventuring group, surged forth to unravel the mystery.

The Underground Tunnels

Their first challenge was to overcome a chasm that had split almost 50 ft wide. The only way across, were pillars placed anywhere from 10-15’ apart. Edvar’s notes pointed to a clue “follow in the footsteps of death”.

Tholan Foehammer jumped bravely onto the pillars but slipped and caught himself as the pillar lurched sideways threatening to dump him off. Using quick thinking he steadied himself and encouraged Chroma Carrington to jump on the latter portion of the pillar seeking to catapult her to the next safe landing spot, and it worked!

Once across the chasm Chroma Carrington found the mechanism by which the pillars would convert to a solid, but still treacherous bridge, and enabled the rest to come across relatively safe. Except for Brak, who unfortunately fell to his death.

A short hallway presented itself and Chroma Carrington made it just so far as to catch a pressure plate and trigger a rolling stone trap. Using the delay as the thick stone disks rolled back and forth, Tholan Foehammer then used his grappling hook to pry the plate up and lock the disks in place preventing them from crushing anyone.

It’s A Trap!

The next challenge presented itself as a puzzle of paintings and the ethereal form of a Bone Golem. They figured out the puzzle in short order, allowing passage into the main ritual chamber.

Within the hall, a large skull, seemingly carved from solid rock, approximately 10’ in height and 10’ in width dominates the north end of the ritual hall. The skull was damaged as bits of rock that have fallen from the roof of the cavern had plunged downward cracking it and breaking small bits off. As for the rest of the chamber, various carvings and broken statues litter about. On the ground, facing the large skull, the remains of sewn prayer mats dot the floor in a half-moon shape and faced the huge skull.

Behind it, a tattered tapestry showed the large skull in the room with three smaller skulls looking at it. Stitched into the tapestry below Edvar was able to decipher the phrase ‘As you are born, as you live, and as you pass, you always face death.’

The players found the following statues in the hall:
* A newborn child, hands outstretched in front as if reaching for his mother
* A grown man, one hand upon a walking stick, the other pointing off to some unknown horizon
* A old weathered man, leaning heavily upon a staff, his weary glance staring blankly forward

After adjusting the statues, the giant skull slid into the stone wall revealing a wide descending stairway, dark and cold.

Upon arrival at the bottom the group faced an archway filled with what at first seemed like glass, but upon closer inspection was filled with ice which moved like water allowing them passage to the other side provided they could cross the 15’ of ice before sinking.

The Ice Gate:

Once passing through, the ice gate sealed behind them. At the end of the hall,the skull of some unknown giant stared at them. Lined along side the hallway, 3 per side, were skeletons. Dressed in rotting tattered remnants of their robes, the bones were splayed against the walls and held in place with crisscrossed metal bands embedded in the stone. Every few inches a spike was riveted in, pressing inward against them.

The skeletons spoke, and identified themselves as former high priests of Mrykul turned against him, now known as The Betrayers. The Betrayed are sentenced to an eternity of watching this Skull Gate, a portal that the high priests of Mrykul once used to move about the realms and also the City of Judgment.

The skeletons spoke of 7 of them, and one that is imprisoned elsewhere, his name being Akachi. Before capture, he created a magic item known as the Mask of The Betrayer. The Mask has the ability to unlock the secret by which the Crown of Horns (where Mrykul’s life force is currently charged/stored) is to be destroyed. Akachi is being held in Fury’s Heart, an abyssal plane.

As mentioned earlier, the Crown is fed by fear. One part of rising that fear is being enacted by Iceclaws. Chroma’s heart was taken to provide the pivotal component to a untested ritual that would potentially raise an ancient draconic power without the need of a wizard or sorcerer.

The skeletons also offered clues as to where the 3 mask fragments could be found:

* One piece lies with a powerful ancient evil beneath the City of Splendors (Waterdeep)
* Another lies with the Lord of Death’s cohort in theft (Bhaal), with his foul progeny
* "The last lies among the treasures of The Watcher

After acquiring the above information, Flood asked how they may be able to leave. The skeletons responded:

“You may go where you wish, should the netherlord be defeated. The netherlord is a servant of Mrykul, a powerful guardian of the pocket dimensions that bubble about the City of Judgment. Quell the netherlord and his minions, you will be given pardon to leave to where-ever your plans desire. A word of caution, the netherlord is a formidable guardian, powered by the necrotic energy of the dimension it inhabits.”

To be continued!

Adventure Summary - 10/4/14
"The counter-stroke..."

The group began their battle with Iceclaws engaging the young male white dragon with as much ferocity and bravery they could muster.

Iceclaws attacks!

During the battle, Annel was killed facing down the beast, much to the despair of her comrades. The fight ensued terrifically until with a mighty blow from Tholan Foehammer the scroll was knocked loose from its scale. Enraged, Iceclaws fixed an icy stare at Chroma Carrington and suspending her body in air briefly tore her armor asunder and extracted her still beating heart, preserved in magic, into his maw.

Pushing up from the cavern floor, with a valiant attempt by Tholan to ensnare the monster failed, Iceclaws broke through the icy mantle above his den, flying off.

Chroma recovered, waking up from her ordeal emitting a cold damaging aura, eyes stark white, and facing a consistent battle to submit to Iceclaws will.

Recovering the scroll they journeyed back to Baragon who brought the group to the Stones of Angoroth and worked on attempting to seal the portal.

While there, Alex activated a wooden carved toy monkey retrieved from the dragon horde, which interacted with Chroma’s marionette collection in spectacular manner, further thickening the plot surrounding the situation with the twisted toys.

Defeating the ice wastes denizens, Baragon finished the scroll and the portal shattered, but killed him in the process. The adventurers took him back to Hundlestone for burial.

Finally making their way into The Ten Towns Confederation, the group arrived at Easthaven.

Easthaven docks on the shore of Lac Dinneshere:

Getting situated with The Inn of The Boyer and Wolf, they were free to explore and shop. Tholan and Flood resolved an issue with a wayward child of his, named Veela, taking her to the halls of Clan Battlehammer and imploring her to be raised as a warrior.

Alex found a method by which the damaging cold aura of Chroma could be suppressed until they are able to address the issue down south via a contact provided by Baragon, a dragon expert known as Aralen.

Taking off the next morning, they made their way into the rugged and windswept dale until Edvar and his company reached their objective high in the Crystal Tirith mountain range, the foreboding entrance to a tomb flanked by weathered carved statues bearing the symbol of Myrkul.


The delve begins.

Adventure Summary - 09/27/14

The group awoke from the previous nights foray into the tower refreshed and ready to resume the trek upon the Northern Means trail.

Pressing north they encounter bitter cold and stark conditions that test the limits of their gear. Their journey is momentarily interrupted by a bandit ambush put down relatively quickly. Unrask Steelbeard collected the eyes of one of their attackers who was able to emit a blast of icy cold in a chilling attack.

After removing the obstacle in the road, they pushed on and made Hundlestone by nightfall.


Hundlestone, a hamlet which sits upon the fork between The Ten Trail (to the Ten Towns) and The Iron Trail (to the dwarf enclave of Ironmaster on the coast) is a sleepy village populated with fishers, trappers, and other assorted woodsman.

The Green Candle Inn, the only one available, welcomed them in and afforded them a brief respite from the frigid cold, albeit the roaring hearth did little to abate the unnatural iciness that permeated the area. The weather was the topic of the village, and the adventurers overheard a local trapper, Wryce, speak of a hermit that warned the town the issue lie with the ancient Stones of Angoroth. Rumored among the locals to be the worship place of a dead druid grove.

The Green Candle Inn

Flood spoke with Wryce and discovered that the hermit, Baragon or “Old Barry” as he was known, lived just a mile outside of town.

In the morning the group set off to meet with Baragon. After arriving at his humble abode they discovered that there was more then meets the eye with the old hermit.

His story unfolded as such. Baragon was once a well traveled wizard, in the service of kings for his quick wit and mastery of the Art. However, a once friend turned bitter rival, Pallando, was jealous of his skill and favor.

Pallando grew to such heights of envy and jealousy that he sought to unseat Baragon in a devious manner. Baragon later learned that Pallando made a pact with denizens of the plane of Pandemonium, and crafted a Circlet of Chaos, imbued with the energies of the plane and gifted the circlet to Baragon.

Unknowing, Baragon accepted the gift, which slowly drove him out of his mind. The circlet became bound to him, embedded within his skull. It caused his Art to go awry and be unreliable.

Upon discovery, Baragon immediately sought a path of revenge, and in taking his revenge upon Pallando, he believed himself free of the cursed circlet of Pallando’s design. Alas, Pallando, with his dying breath revealed the secret to Baragon that his circlet was not of his design, but in the control of an agent of Pandemonium and would be bound to him until death unless Baragon dispatched the agent.

Baragon intended to travel to Pandemonium and seek out and neutralize the agent of chaos that had cursed him. Baragon uncovered a portal within the Spine, the Stones of Angoroth, that once was a teleportation gate to the feywild, however he sought to alter the nature of the portal to deliver him to Pandemonium.

His plans went astray as his wild and unpredictable magic failed him, and changed the portal to bridge to a plane of supernatural cold known as the Ice Wastes of the Abyss . Lacking the Art to seal it the cold of the Ice Wastes pours out in a bitter endless rampage of snow and frigid wild winds out upon the Realms.

Baragon knows of a way the portal can be sealed, and the answer lies with Ixcantilus, sired by Arveiaturace, know as “The White Wyrm” or more commonly, “Iceclaws”. Iceclaws ravages the coast from Auckney to Ironmaster. Iceclaws holds among his treasure a scroll of seal portal which can be used to destroy and seal the gate. Iceclaws is the shunned offspring of two whites who have long since deserted the region. He makes his home in the sharp spires of the Spine.

The Home of Iceclaws

Renting the service of sled dogs and guides, and acquiring some unique fireworks that spew heat and flame, the heroes set off raid the den of Iceclaws.

On their way they have a frightening encounter with a band of Frost Giants making their way through the mountains, but are able to successfully hide in the snow and trees and let them pass.


Eventually they reach the mountain of the reputed den of Iceclaws and make their up the mountainside using climbing gear found in Hundlestone.

After scaling the 150ft, they discover the den entrance and after slowly moving several hundred yards in they find the main den room. The cavern ceiling pushes high, a frozen mantle permeating the roof allowing a dim gloom of light from what would normally be open to the sky between the spires of rock. Encased solid in several feet of ice, in what would have been a large pool of water upon the cavern floor, is a hoard of treasure. As the party takes this all in, they hear a distinct deep snort from the blue darkness followed by rumbling draconic speech.

it ends shortly, and then in grumbling common Iceclaws addresses the adventurers. “I will now speak in your pathetic drivel of common-speech.” He spits out. “So, I see the spineless Baragon has sent yet another pack of meaty mortals stumbling into my lair in search of my riches, but mostly importantly this.”

Iceclaws flexes his scales, and upon his chest the scales rise several inches and the group catches sight of a rolled parchment under one of them nestled safely within.

“Ah yes (he chortles) a mighty scroll, it’s author long to dust upon this realm. The power awaiting to be unleashed is very enthralling. I know Baragon seeks to destroy the Stones of Angoroth. However, seeing as the Ice Wastes suits a creature as myself, I have no intention of seeing the stones obliterated, and I’m so happy he has sent another band of companions to provide my supper.”


To be continued

Adventure Summary - 09/06/2014
The Two Towers....sort of...

Our intrepid group resumed their investigative trek through the abandoned tower. After throwing the large crows some food they distracted the birds who grabbed the rations and made off through a piece of rubble.

On this level they found two bedrooms, and one contained the mummified corpse of a woman impaled with a rusted long sword. Pella and Flood maneuvered in closer to observe the ancient murder scene when a spectral woman appeared behind Pella.

The ghostly apparition of Lady Camden:

The murdered woman led the party to a dresser in which contained a demonic book describing how to inter-breed and flesh-craft demons with other races of the realms. This book was found by her husband who became seduced by the power of crafting demons and mortals into twisted creations. She was his first experiment as was his child. The party was implored to avenge her and her son’s death.

Pella stabbed the book with a blessed dagger, but it shot heat through the blade and warped it badly. Alex KilGoure attempted to consecrate the book but it at first resisted and shot back a wave of negative energy that hurt Alex. he re-doubled his efforts and the book shook with energy but then the dresser shattered into splinters as a huge clawed hand reached through and pulled the book back into the abyss.

The book:

While this occurred in the bedroom, Flood kept watch in the hallway and was disturbed to watch as the partially eaten and dismembered female elf wizard was hauled off by a terrifying part-human, part spider demon aberration and its twisted offspring.

Spider Demon Aberration:

At the top of the tower they confronted the aberration, who had a twisted demonic portal that acted as cauldron to flesh-craft the creatures.

The party fought hard and took down the demon tipping it into his own portal and reuniting the spirit of Lady Camden’s child with her mother.

After recovering some treasure, the party made their way back to the caravan camp and updated the others, and then continued on their trek northward to Hundelstone.

Adventure Summary - 08/09/14
"Look! Tracks!"

As the party settled in to the caravan camp, they talked among themselves and decided to investigate the abandoned keep that lay some ways away from the camp.

A shadowy keep:

As the sun sank below the horizon the group made their way up a ancient and shadowy path where Tholan Foehammer attempted to play a little trick upon the company and scare them, except Unrask Steelbeard got the drop on him instead. :)

Flood watched the scene unfold and inadvertently tripped over a leg buried in the snow. They discovered the corpses of Orcs dead some days, along with a burial mound off the path marked with a holy symbol of St Cuthbert.

The party surmised that the previous company was ambushed on the way to the keep and lost their cleric.

Continuing on, they eventually reached the entrance of the keep and made their way through the double door entrance. Flood and Pella killed rats in the storerooms while Chroma Carrington, Alex KilGoure, and Tholan Foehammer bashed and rebuked some ghouls attracted by the noise from the upper levels.

overcoming some traps, searching rooms, and proceeding upwards, Chroma Carrington encountered a dead and burned dwarf lying on the steps of the spiral stairs that ascended the keep. Flood moved past Chroma to investigate the locked and closed door of the 3rd level only to discover it occupied by some very angry birds

Not happy:

The players contemplated how to remove the birds as we ended for the evening. :)

To be continued.

Adventure Summary - 07/26/14
"A dark fate..."

The party entered Luskan via the River Mirar without much difficulty. Upon entering the city they kept a low and discreet profile not attracting much, if at all, attention.

A dark snowy street in Luskan:

They spent most of the day shopping, haggling, and exploring the unique goods Luskan, as a vibrant and lucrative port city, had to offer.

While making a connection at the Bloodrun Tavern on the northwestern pier, the adventurers encountered another small company of heroes seeking reputation and fortune per Edvar’s request.

Annel a 6’2", reddish-blonde human woman, with hair done in a thick braid down her back, a freckled face laced with small scars on her cheeks and arms.
Among other tattoos, A tattoo of an 8-pointed star composed of spears and maces is etched upon the side of her neck, just below her ear.

Vash a 3’2" halfling male with dark curly brown hair, closely cropped. Wiry in physique, and flitting cautious eyes.

Brak, a 6’5" male half-orc with long black hair done in dreads. His skin has greenish hue, face is set and determined with snaggle-teeth jutting past his lip on each side.
An amulet of a circular figure emblazoned with a sun and moon is about his neck.

The groups made their way out of Luskan and to a old converted fort named Windlyne. There, Edvar and his associate, Kirstia, introduced themselves and outlined the nature of his seeking of heroic adventurers to aid him.

The parties go into their rooms for the night, and are awakened to then experience a ghastly, and apocalyptic vision of a doomed Toril where nearly the entire continent has fallen victim to the Spirit Plague.

white_walkers.jpg Armed with new understanding, they share their story with Professor Edvar. He mentions that their seeking of such artifacts could play a key role in preventing the horrific fate the group saw.

Nervous and fatigued, they set out on the harsh road to Icewind Dale and beyond. After their first day of travel they stop at a well established caravan camp.

The wagon of Mialee Mather, seer and fortune teller extraordinaire!

The rugged caravan of Jonus Stonewood:

While stopped, the group sees an abandoned tower keep close by, and hear’s an amusing tale of other adventurers some two days hence, that went there seeking treasure.

The foreboding keep:

The group ponders investigating the keep to discover its riches….to be continued!

Adventure Summary - 07/12/14
"Showdown in the underground..."

The party began their descent via the entrance uncovered by Pella, to make their way down into the buried temple ruins beneath the sewers of Mirabar.

While carefully making their way underground, Chroma encountered a vertical shaft with a ladder that delved deeper into the darkness leading to the ruins they needed to investigate.

Chroma, Tholan, Flood, and the rest had a comical descent down the ladder. Encountering traps, climbing mishaps, and other pitfalls. About 45 min later, they made it down the 80 ft shaft to face the temple ruins entrance via a trapped antechamber which Chroma successfully disarmed.

A section of the main room of the ruins:

Entering into the main room of the ruins, they they were patrolling along cautiously when a voice startled them. It advised to take a chest of riches or forfeit their lives if they continue.

They discussed their options, but took too long and the chest eventually disappeared, and the fighting ensued.

Smoke bombs were tossed obscuring their vision while thieves and mages assaulted up close and from afar. Tholan, Alex, and Chroma waded into battle while Pella strategically watched the outside of the smoke perimeter, and Flood tagged critical targets with her longbow.

To cover her retreat the spell-slinger threw up a wall of flame and descended into an adjacent chamber that led to the temple catacombs, where the party found Ealdwulf and his hostages, Mili and Hafa, both high ranking officials for The Golden Hand trading corporation of Mirabar.

As the groups traded threats, up from the entrance to the abandoned catacombs, came a small party of Dark Elves, who tricked Ealdwulf and his mage companion taking the The Golden Hand hostages for themselves, and leaving their fate to the party.

The group successfully completed their bounty and recovered several magical items and plenty of treasure.

Once done collecting their bounty they spent some time recovering in the city and then took transport down the river Mirar to the treacherous sea port town of Luskan in their effort to meet with Edvar.

They approach the north gate, Luskan looking on the overcast and chilly horizon.

A view of the port of Luskan. The infamous Host Tower of the Arcane can be seen to the right:

To be continued.

Adventure Summary - 06/07/14
"Who's in charge of looking up?"

After hearing the warning from the Mirabar patroman, the party gathered themselves together and delved into the tunnels in search of their bounty, Ealdwulf.

The Sewers of Mirabar:

They didn’t progress far before encountering a pack of wererats seeking their next meal. Tholan Foehammer devised a creative method of dispatching their foes by charging forward, grasping a mutated rat by the tail, and using it as an improvised weapon.


Once dealt with, the group pressed further into the sewers eventually coming upon a “Dark Bazaar”, one of the black market areas beneath Mirabar where all manner of unsavory and illicit items may be purchased.

While there, the party learned that their target, Ealdwulf, has sequestered himself and his associates in the ruins of a buried temple. The temple is considered hallowed ground for negotiation by the existing guilds of Mirabar, but The Whispermen have co-opted the place for some nefarious reason.

Although offered a hefty price to kill Ealdwulf, the party chose to honor the City of Mirabar’s bounty.

While shopping the crew came upon some unique items:

  • Unrask Steelbeard purchased a spell component pouch of fine craftsmanship which later revealed to have a hidden scroll inside containing a message and map to return the pouch to a Winky Skelefain. Gnome Mage Extraordinaire.
  • Chroma Carrington hit a small gold mine with purchasing a set of creepy, but unique, marionettes of a knight, common woman, sad jester, and little boy. She also purchased a vial of Feather Powder.

Once their shopping was complete, they left the market and went in search of the buried ruins. Pella discovered the secret entrance at a crossroads in the tunnels and the party prepared to continue down it’s dark steps…

Ruins Entrance:

To be continued….

Adventure Summary - 05/10/14
The Road Continues...

Our players ventured off into the snow and trees to locate the war-band of Thunder-Teeth Orcs that had been presumably threatening the trading routes located around Mirabar.

After accepting the bounty to investigate Karthog Manyscar, the leader, they trampled through the foothills of the Crags and were setup upon by a patrol of Thunder-Teeth Orcs:


They are brought under guard after being stripped of weapons before the war-chief Karthog. Flanked by his bodyguards, Karthog sits with a primal looking Half-Orc, festooned with animal fetishes and thick dreads. Also accompanying the chief is another Half-Orc. This one appears wizened, with steel-gray hair pulled back into a long pony-tail, a set of thick-rimmed glasses peers over their edges and studies the party.

Karthog Manyscar:

Since Karthog speaks not a word of Common, Valgash translates for the war chief. He explains that Thunder-teeth tribe and their neighbors in Longsaddle, Miribar and surrounding communities have been in a steady peace. Trade, work, and other activities have gone on without incident until approximately 2 months ago strange things began to occur. Many of the tribe began to get sick, and several died before Valgash derived from his own testing that their water supply was being poisoned. Lying in ambush, the Thunder-teeth awaited the perpetrators by one of their water sources and caught several humans and a dwarf who later turned out to be mercenaries hired out by one of Mirabar’s powerful trade companies, The Golden Hand (Thalorin’s Manymetals, and The Anvilfist Banner being the others).

The trade companies, as to be expected, handle the trade of precious metals and gems extracted from the extensive mines that lie near the town Miribar upon the river Mirar. The companies ship to buyers and traders in Luskan, where it is then shipped extensively up and down the Sword Coast.

The Thunder-teeth, not wishing to sour relations with Miribar, followed the advice of Valgash and released the mercs with a warning not to trifle upon tribal lands again. Nonetheless, the mercs posed as trading agents with the company they were hired by and fabricated a story to the Mirabar City Guard (which operates much like a small army under the direction of the Counsel of Sparkling Stones, the elected ruling assembly of Mirabar comprised of dwarves and humans) that they were abducted, interrogated, beaten, and to be killed if not for their “miraculous escape” and subsequently warning the assembly that the tribe was preparing to conduct raids to steal Mirabar’s mined trade goods.

Needless to say, relations deteriorated fast. Swayed by testimony, the city of Mirabar mustered troops to actively watch the mountain pass and the perimeter of the city. However, when questioning Orc traders and travelers upon the road clashes have erupted.

The basis for this is that the tribal lands of the Thunder-teeth have been discovered to contain some of the regions richest deposits of copper and iron. Quite simply, the mining corporations of Mirabar and their trade companies are attempting to drive the Orcs out so they may mine it.

Valgash is hopeful to avoid all out conflict. He sought the groups aide in bringing him into Mirabar to speak with a representative of the city’s Council Valgash knows.

Having successfully brought Valgash back to Lt Carnell under “arrest” and squared away with Celegal to take an alternate route, the group was granted access to move through the pass and settle with the magistrate/bounty clerk of Mirabar, a Half-Elf woman named Rilda Hoper.

Upon reception of Valgash so he may seek an audience with the Sparkling Stones Council, Rilda offered the party another option to earn some coin.

She bestows the bounty for the party to bring in Ealdwulf Maere, of The Whispermen, a notorious thieves guild seeking to branch into Mirabar and make connections with the trading companies that operate out of the town. Their presence currently is small. A recruitment team of Eadlwulf and his associates were sent ahead to pull in members from the rougher districts, extort protection coin from the poorer residents, bully and bribe town guards and essentially increase their presence and influence through all manner of illegal activities.

Ealdwulf Maere:

Rilda informs the party that in the Obsidian District of Mirabar, located by Granite Bridge (the west bridge) over the river Mirar, houses a tavern frequented by The Whispermen to catch rumors, make deals, and conduct their “business”.

The group make their way to The Beggar & Flail, a working class tavern on the riverfront. After dealing with singing halfings, drunken adventurers known as The Circle of the White Hound, they finally spy their quarry, and Chroma trails the Whispermen to see them entering the sewers of Mirabar.

Outside The Beggar & Flail:

She watches as the Whispermen go below street level upon a set of grimy stone steps, whereupon they open an equally grimy and rusting sewer door made of steel grating. As Chroma ponders her next move a Mirabar patrolman hails her. "Well met, I see you’re considering going beneath the city? (nodding at the sewer entrance) Be warned, the sewers are nicknamed “the Shadow Halls” for good reason. Many a unsavory character conducts their business within it’s maze. Helm watch over us, they let our work crews maintain and clean the place but even then, they only stay to the tunnels closest to the surface. Be cautious". With this word of warning he continues on with his rounds…

To be continued!


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