Our Story Thus Far

Followers of Mrykul seek to unleash the spirit plague to empower the Crown Of Horns and resurrect their disembodied deity. The only known power to stop this from happening is to reform an artifact known as the Mask of the Betrayer.


In the session Adventure Summary – 11/22/14, the party met skeletons who spoke, and identified themselves as former high priests of Mrykul turned against him, now known as The Betrayers. The Betrayed are sentenced to an eternity of watching a Skull Gate, a portal that the high priests of Mrykul once used to move about the realms and also the City of Judgment.

The skeletons spoke of 7 of them, and one that is imprisoned elsewhere, his name being Akachi. Before capture, he created a magic item known as the Mask of The Betrayer. The Mask has the ability to unlock the secret by which the Crown of Horns (where Mrykul’s life force is currently charged/stored) is to be destroyed. Akachi is being held in Fury’s Heart, an abyssal plane.

Our Story Thus Far

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