Winters Heart

Our story begins east of Neverwinter in the small hamlet of Longsaddle. A quaint community of 130 proper in the town, (1,100 in the surrounding area) Longsaddle was founded by a family of peculiar wizards known as the Harpells. They built the hamlet and support, protect, and govern its inhabitants via a council of elders.

Longsaddle in Spring/Summer:

The Streets of Longsaddle:


Longsaddle exists on the edge of a savage frontier in northwestern Faerun. Several miles north lies The Crags, a line of formidable mountains near the cold and windswept plains of Icewind Dale. To the west, the Silver Marches. It is early Nightal 3 (December 3rd in our calendar), and the chill of the north appears to be settling in stronger than usual.

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Things have been, for the most part, peaceful despite this being the Time of Troubles. Wizards and Mages, Clerics and Paladins of all schools and faiths are severely concerned of what might become of their magic or divine inspiration.

While more influential and powerful beings ponder the fate of the gods and the Art of the realms, the common folk still strive to do as they have always done, make a life for themselves in a dangerous world, to carve out their place and survive.

Some aspire to more than survive, they wish to make a name for themselves, to see if their actions may shape the fate of the realms itself. Such lofty ideals start small, but may eventually blossom into something very significant.

Our story centers upon just such a group. Making their way through the known world, they feel as if something more could be done, that their contribution is greater then to just exist. This is the seed that spawns adventurers, and with the proper nourishment it may continue to grow into heroes.

Winters Heart

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