In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 01/16/16

"Trek into darkness..."

Following Perric with Elror from his party, the group went invisible and had Arth follow the carriage taking the wizard to his rising ceremony.

The carriage stopped by a walled in home located in Shadowdale. The party regrouped with Arth and confronted Perric after he revealed he knew their presence.


Perric engaged the party in conversation with their goals. It was discovered that the followers of Mrykul and their attempts to bring about the resurrection of their fallen deity would plunge the realm into a chaos it may never recover. It was to the benefit of both parties to prevent the rise of Mrykul so Perric informed them he could bring them to both the last mask fragment, and Akachi, the original betrayer.

After striking their deal, the party gathered their equipment, stepped through Perric’s cloak, and entered into the Abyss.

There they encountered a large stone structure in the shape of a beastly cat. On the approach they were attacked by strange constructs stitched together by parts of various aberrations.


After solving a puzzle to gain access to the structure, they entered into the petrified creature and were summarily ambushed by golems.


They defeated the golems and proceeded to the head of the structure where they encountered the last of the cultists they had chased in a botched summoning. They then were able to retrieve the last mask fragment, place the pieces together, and in doing so, gained insight into their quest.

Cedric used his crystal doorknob to transport themselves to the different realm within the Abyss they needed to be.

The party ended up at the edge of Malar’s realm, the Land of the Hunt.


The quest continues.



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