In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 01/17/2015


After defeating the Netherlord and gaining the ability to leave the pocket dimension you were trapped in, Chroma requests for the group to be transported to where she can reclaim her stolen heart.

The Forest Cabin of Aralen The Hunter:

Deposited in a snowy forested glen, they encounter Aralen, friend to Baragon the Wizard (whom you met at the Spine of World), and Arafel the Ranger (whom you met outside Longsaddle).

Aralen, female Half-Elf Ranger:

Accompanying the ranger are two Harpers, a female Elf named Asterianna, and a male Human named Treyvor. Also living with the ranger is her best friend and compatriot of many adventures, a male Dwarf named Stenson.

Stenson the dwarf:

Asterianna and Treyvor learned through Arafel (also a harper) that he had heard rumors of your band dealing with the portal to the Frozen Wastes up in Icewind Dale, and went to speak with Baragon. Upon learning of his death they spoke with the folk of Hundelstone and heard of your exploits.

They then put out feelers for information and learned that Aralen would be a potential point of contact.

Aralen and her friends are able to inform the party that at the bottom of the well of dragons are the remains of a powerful ancient Red known as Vellath. This Red was a marauder up and down the Sword Coast for centuries before finally being killed and deposited into the well by a group of Dragon Slayers known as the The Red Hoods.

Before her death, Vellath grew to such ancient power, she was revered as a lesser deity among evil dragon’s. Not willing to suffer a potential rival, Tiamat orchestrated her death. You learned that IceClaws and other dragons have conspired to go about resurrecting their fallen icon. In the process, they (the dragons) learned of Mrykul’s attempted resurrection and made a pact with the False Ones to unleash Vellath as a dracolich, inspiring fear to channel into the Crown of Horns thus hastening the resurrection process.

It was also then discovered that there was an attack at the Library of Candlekeep to apparently provide a distraction as Corinthia was stolen away by False Ones.

Arafel also informs Chroma that if they are able to retrieve her heart, she knows a Shaman that dwells within the locale, and would he be able to restore it to her. He is known as Tang-Ki, a wandering shaman from the eastern empires.

To assist with their endeavor, Aralen and Stenson reveal to the party they have a working airship of Gnomish/Dwarvish collaboration many centuries old.

The Airship:

After a comical test flight the party “got to it” and flew to the Well of Dragons, which is now, due to some strange occurrence several months back, a floating citadel several miles up:

The Floating Well of Dragons:

Battling horrific weather and gargoyle sentries, the group were dropped onto a unused platform with a special magic stone that would work as a beacon. Aralen and Stenson promised to stay as long as the weather and enemies allowed, and from there the party moved forward.

To their luck, they found a secret entrance to the well, an entrance requiring an offering of spirit. Alex sacrificed some of his divine energy to gain entrance and the party navigated the treacherous tunnels, avoiding a patrolling basilisk.

Early on, they heard a sobbing, and eventually they discover the well where Vellath’s bones lie:

Chroma can sense the presence of her heart somewhere in this pit. However, to their surprise, Corinthia is discovered to be the source of the sobs and cries. She sees the adventurers and begs the party to help, but before they are able to lend aid, she screams, and is lifted several feet off the ground where she squirms in mid-air before her eyes become black pools. When this happens, she becomes completely still. All the group notices that a severed and partially decomposed hand is clamped around her neck

A quick jolt and the black ooze that fills Corinthia’s eyes enters the hand. Within seconds she is again back to being a scared little girl. She cries for help but then is flung about 25 yards onto the rocks, and she goes limp. The hand stays in the air, floating, the black ooze swirling about its palm and fingers. It ignores the presence of the party, and makes for the area where Chroma can sense her heart resides…

To be continued!



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