In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 03/14/2015

"Oh what a tangled web we weave..."

The group finished fighting the hell hounds and then made there way into the common room of the stronghold to investigate their options.

One winding stairwell went down, to the dungeons, armory, and storage. The other, up to sleeping quarters and a study.

The party decided to step downstairs and investigate the dungeons and armory. When they reached the lower level they were greeted with the main entrance to the dungeons. Damakos freed the lock and the party stepped into the lower level. They found a processing table, archives, the armory, cells, and also other cells that had been converted into storage. In one of those cells they came across a hidden leather messenger bag bearing the sigil of House Selession. In it, documents and letters showed a brewing love affair between two members of the rival houses. Tomas Selession, a mage in the employ of House Cardanion, was discovered and sentenced to exile in a pocket dimension of chaos for breech of contract and treasonous actions against his house. The object of his love was similarly exiled.

Documents also contained messages intended for the adviser’s of House Cardanion and showed that a mage/alchemist employed by them was conducting experiments at the stronghold in pulling together multiple dimensions to exist in one location. Needless to say, that experiment failed.

Gathering what they could in the armory, they were about to inspect the dungeons when a tremor was felt throughout the stronghold and they were instantly transported to a small room with two entrance ways. After choose one door and opening it several times, they were finally able to access the upper level of the main hall. Damakos investigated the rooms until they found the study of Jarek Cardanion. The study was adrift in snow but a journal upon a reading pedestal confirmed the documents found below and offered clues on what the party faced and how to fix the web of dimensions.

Cedric found a hidden stairwell behind the bookcase in the study, and the group traveled down to a sub level that contained Jarek’s secret laboratory.

They faced animated armor and a clay golem, in addition to the crystal that was at the heart of the dimension web disruption. They eventually put down the golem, defeated the animated armor and poured the quicksilver on the crystal, ending ill-fated experiment.

They searched the laboratory and found several items including a pewter skull of necrotic power, iron dice, gold pieces, and other items. Also, they discovered a painting that when reached into transported them to a storehouse and apartment in the city of Elturel, that belonged to Jarek.

Arranging a wrap up with Arondel, they concluded their task, signed agreements to take on the Barony of the stronghold, and also discovered, much to their dismay, that the Lady Ardessa of Cardanion had been assassinated.

Until next time.



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