In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 09/06/2014

The Two Towers....sort of...

Our intrepid group resumed their investigative trek through the abandoned tower. After throwing the large crows some food they distracted the birds who grabbed the rations and made off through a piece of rubble.

On this level they found two bedrooms, and one contained the mummified corpse of a woman impaled with a rusted long sword. Pella and Flood maneuvered in closer to observe the ancient murder scene when a spectral woman appeared behind Pella.

The ghostly apparition of Lady Camden:

The murdered woman led the party to a dresser in which contained a demonic book describing how to inter-breed and flesh-craft demons with other races of the realms. This book was found by her husband who became seduced by the power of crafting demons and mortals into twisted creations. She was his first experiment as was his child. The party was implored to avenge her and her son’s death.

Pella stabbed the book with a blessed dagger, but it shot heat through the blade and warped it badly. Alex KilGoure attempted to consecrate the book but it at first resisted and shot back a wave of negative energy that hurt Alex. he re-doubled his efforts and the book shook with energy but then the dresser shattered into splinters as a huge clawed hand reached through and pulled the book back into the abyss.

The book:

While this occurred in the bedroom, Flood kept watch in the hallway and was disturbed to watch as the partially eaten and dismembered female elf wizard was hauled off by a terrifying part-human, part spider demon aberration and its twisted offspring.

Spider Demon Aberration:

At the top of the tower they confronted the aberration, who had a twisted demonic portal that acted as cauldron to flesh-craft the creatures.

The party fought hard and took down the demon tipping it into his own portal and reuniting the spirit of Lady Camden’s child with her mother.

After recovering some treasure, the party made their way back to the caravan camp and updated the others, and then continued on their trek northward to Hundelstone.



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