In the Shadow of the Gods

Adventure Summary - 12/13/14

"Out of the frying pan..."

When we last left our intrepid group of adventurers, they had finished speaking with the Betrayers, and faced the skull gate leading out to a bubble dimension around the City of Judgement. They had to move through to be able to leave.

The SkullGate

The party stepped through (including Edvar), and found themselves in a unique dimension, hot, and arid with light everywhere but no sun.

The Desert of The Real

Within this pocket dimension they were to face the nether-lord and his minions. Upon seeing a standard placed into the ground upon a battlefield of dried blood, part of the group moved forward and investigated the area while others held back.

The lord and his minions then manifested themselves and challenged the party.

The Netherlord and his Minions

The group faced a terrific fight, Chroma Carrington knocked to near death in the first round, but eventually the heroes wore down their opponent and ultimately defeated the creature.

Upon the success, the took the standard, discovered a ring in the sand, and requested to be transported to the “Well of Dragons”.

They were zipped through the onyx eye of the lord to their desired destination and deposited in a field, wet with snow and a chill wind. They were left near the house of their contact Aralen, and were introduced to two other Harpers who intend to help Chroma recover her heart and prevent the ritual being planned.




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