Her iron gaze shines upon the darkest corners of the realms


A child of the light, committed to routing our evil and darkness where-ever it may abide in the realms.


Pella was raised by parents who had once been adventuring Paladins of Pelor but who were now in charge of guarding a Castle in the town where she was raised.

She grew up in a large home and also had free run of the castle ramparts. She was the youngest child with 4 older brothers to harass, tease and adore her. Her oldest brother also became a Paladin of Pelor and would inherit the family fortune. The second brother was apprenticed to take over the castle weapons master position and the third boy (as is customary) went on to be a Priest of Pelor.

Pella was schooled by an elderly Pelorian Paladin who taught all the noble’s children. When she was 15 she decided she wanted to be a Paladin too. Her parents sent her to an all-female Temple of Pelor to complete her studies.

One of the benefits to being a Paladin’s child was the hand-me-downs. Pella was given her mother’s suit of armor as soon as she could fit into it. As a parting gift when she left to go to the temple, her parents and their friends gathered together a bunch of supplies so when she decided to go questing, she wouldn’t have to purchase anything. She was also given a serviceable Mace, a Sword and 2 Daggers.

Pella was a good student. She liked bookwork but also enjoyed sparring matches during her training with the arms master. She learned how to use the Mace, Sword and Dagger. She took religion and healing classes with a girl named Kalista. They became best friends and vowed they would adventure together when the time came.

Finally, both girls finished their schooling, met some dashing adventurers and began their adventures in the world.

Kalista later found her calling in Bedorn, but Pella was more intrigued with what she could for the greater realms. It was then she met a traveling Rogue named Chroma who enticed her to join their fledgling company.


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